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To be powerful and complete. To be bold, independent, inquisitive and creative. Knowing what you want and why you want it; in complete control

ARAYA NYC style studio was created by Emmy Award winning celebrity hair artist and creative director, Hadiiya Barbel. The new style studio and creative space is located at 6 East 39th Street, 2nd FL, NY,  and was created to serve as a community place for women of all ages and ethnicities to explore the various parts of themselves, be spiritually connected, to be inspired, to be transformed and leave feeling empowered.

Formerly known as Hadiiya Barbel Collections, ARAYA NYC Style Studio offers several luxury lines of wigs, which our team refer to as CROWNS. Creative Director Hadiiya Barbel believes the word “wig” has a stigma, which may evoke a feeling of shame by women who need or desire to wear them. Instead she insist they be called CROWNS; the adorning accessory worn by Queens, which symbolize their power!

In addition, ARAYA NYC offers maintenance and rejuvenation services for new and existing CROWNS and hosts classes as part of the ARAYA Academy.  The new location focuses on enriching its patrons spirits through various educational courses, makeovers and  hula-hoop classes with emphasis on movement and rhythm. At ARAYA NYC, women are encouraged to connect with their divine femininity and embrace their feminine power.

The new location serves not only as a retail space but a space where women can connect, share and experience transformations through spirit and style. ARAYA NYC hosts monthly events, movement and rhythm classes and will begin master and beginner course as apart of the ARAYA Academy.