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“After discovering that I had cancer I started my search for a wig to replace my beautiful curly hair that I knew would be falling out soon. I started googling curly hair wigs in the NYC area and found Hadiiya Barbel. I went down to her shop with my husband and we were AMAZED at her collection of curly hair wigs and straight hair wigs which she calls “crowns”. I brought some pictures of myself with hair. My hair had already fallen out and we worked together to figure out what I needed and wanted. She was a pro and knew exactly what to do. She emailed me a detailed bill explaining all the costs up front for the crown that I wanted. I signed the contract, put down a deposit and waited it for it to come in. I thought her prices were extremely fair!

When it came in and I went to her shop to see it and have her color it. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was even in a color not my own and uncut…and this story gets better.

Once it was colored, I went back to the shop with my husband and my daughter to have Hadiiya cut it. Once it was cut and styled to the way my own hair use to be, it was the first time I had smiled since being diagnosed with cancer. My daughter and my husband started to cry seeing me smile again.

Cancer is bad enough and then losing your hair on top of it is horrible. There are no words to describe how happy I am and feel when I put on my crown. The crown is even nicer than my real hair was. The color, the curls, the quality are all amazing. I have gone out with it on and people don’t know it is a wig and have complemented my hair like they use too…that speaks volumes!

Hadiiya is the coolest, nicest, most understanding professional business woman. I am in awe of her! I would recommend anyone wanting a wig for any reason to go to Hadiiya Barbel. Even her crew  are wonderful!” – Carole H.